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I just received my Vilo. Now what?

I just received my Vilo. Now what?

Before you install the Vilo, make sure the modem is properly installed. See picture below for reference:

Connecting your Vilo

Plug in the power adapter of the Vilo to the power port.
Using a LAN cable, connect the modem from LAN port or any of the ports labeled Ethernet or LAN (depends on the type of modem), to the WAN/LAN port of the Vilo (the bottom port labeled WAN/LAN).
The LED indicator light on the Vilo will turn blue when it is ready for Wi-Fi connectivity. Connect to the Wi-Fi network using the ID and password on the bottom of the Vilo unit.

Note: It's very important to connect the modem to the WAN/LAN port and not the LAN port. Your Wi-Fi will not work if you use the LAN port.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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