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My home phone isn't working

If you are a new customer and transferring your phone number to Eyesurf, please get in touch with us to make sure that your number is ported and active with us. Sometimes, the transfer of a new number can take up to 7 days to get transferred.

If you are an existing customer and your phone recently stopped working, please try the following:

First, make sure all of the cords are firmly connected to the proper ports. See example picture below:

Once you have confirmed all of the cords are firmly connected, try rebooting the phone adapter and the modem. Leave them both unplugged for 30 seconds and then plug them back in. Allow 5 minutes for them to come back online.

If the phone is still not working, please continue reading...

In order to have a working home phone, there should be 3 lights on your phone adapter.

POWER - power needs to be on and solid. If off, please make sure the power cable is tightly fastened to the adapter and connected to a working power source. If the power light remains off, you need a new adapter. Give us a call for a replacement

INTERNET - your home phone needs internet to work. If your internet is down, the phone will not work and this light will be off. Make sure the ethernet cord is connected from the phone adapter to the modem as per the picture above. If you have internet and the cord is properly connected, this light should be on.

PHONE1/TEL1 - this is the registration light and is dependent on the power and internet lights being on. If the power and internet light is on and this light remains off, try a factory reset. You can do this by holding a toothpick or hairpin in the reset hole at the back of the adapter for 20 seconds. The device should reset after this.

If your phone is still not working after all of these steps, there might be an outage or a registration issue. Give us a call or send an email to

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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